Geography-Based (Atlas) Maps

We’re currently rebuilding our knowledge map store and upgrading the contents to take advantage of advances in MindManager capabilities. Knowledge maps in each category / sub-category will appear in due course.

Geography-Based (Atlas) Maps

Geography-Based (Atlas) Maps

Geographic ‘space’ is one of the fundamental concepts that we humans have invented for making sense of, and mentally & physically structuring, our world and everything in it. Indeed for over 2,000 years we have been perfecting the art & science of cartography to record what things of particular types exist where within a defined space, both for ourselves and so we can easily communicate it to others.

Our atlas knowledge maps provide an alternative visual framework to ‘traditional’ geographic maps for visually recording & communicating what ‘geographically defined things’ of a particular type exist in the real world, and the relationships between them – be they at global, international, national or local level.  However they also serve as both an index of, and a virtual portal to, all the definitive / official / plain old useful knowledge resources that currently exist about these ‘things’ in the public domain, and so can be freely accessed with a couple of mouse clicks.

With potentially 1000’s of branches – each of which can have multiple attached hypelinks & tags, or embedded images and data elements – they are information rich, visually engaging, intuitive to navigate, and retain the ‘big picture’ context. They are also more versatile and much easier to adapt & share ‘on the hoof’.

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