Countries Of The World – General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas

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Countries Of The World – General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas

Countries Of The World – General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas

Our Countries of the World – General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas builds on the visual knowledge framework of our Base Atlas through the addition of collections of knowledge link sub-branches – each with a single hyperlink to official / definitive / plain old useful General or Geographic knowledge resources – to facilitate ‘thumb friendly’ discovery of basic knowledge about each ISO3166-1 defined country of the world for business or personal desktop (or even ‘on the hoof’) research.

General resource links include the country’s page(s) for BBC News, CIA World Fact Book & World Leaders & Cabinet Members Directory, ISO Online Portal, Wikipedia Category & Main Article, Portal & Outline.

Geogrpahic resource links include online mapping services like Google Maps and Open Street Map (with a summary of all available services on GeoHack), static map libraries from the United Nations Geospatial Division, UNITAR & WikiMedia Commons Atlas of the World, and the Wikipedia Geography Sub-Category & Main Article.

See the ‘Knowledge Links’ tab for a complete description of all single link sub-branches.

In our countries of the world atlas maps all the knowledge link sub-branch collections sit within the base framework of knowledge seed branches for each country – as officially defined by ISO-3166-1: Codes For The Representation Of Names Of Countries – arranged as sub-branches within an ‘org-tree’ base framework of seed branches of UN defined Macro Geographical (Continental) Regions And Sub-Regions. Seed branches are differentiated from other map branches by the rich range of visual knowledge elements embedded within, or attached to, them that provides a ‘base level’ of contextual knowledge & knowledge resource links about the subject (see the ‘Seed Branches’ tab for a complete description).

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Countries Of The World - General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas
Countries Of The World - General & Geographic Knowledge Atlas
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