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Generic Calendars

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Generic Calendar - Standard
Generic Calendar - Standard
Visually structured framework of rich knowledge seed branches of generic months of the year (eg. 'Jan') - each with unique text, icon graphic, embedded 'traditional' generic monthly calendar grid - and sub-branches for each generic day of the month (eg. 'Jan 1'). 'Standard' year begins on Jan 1st., 'Academic' on Aug 1st.
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Base Annual Calendar Maps form the main visual framework for a specific year that is used for all our other, more detailed, calendar maps for that year. The framework is formed by main branches for each of the 12 months of the Gregorian (‘Western’) calendar year (eg. ‘January 2019’), with sub-branches for each day, labelled with the date & day of the week (eg. 1 Jan 2019 Tue), all with unique text & icon graphic as well as attached links to knowledge resources about it (eg. the Wikiopedia chronicle portal page for ‘Jan 1 2019‘). The month branches also have a ‘traditional’ monthly calendar grid (spreadsheet) embedded within them to help you to plan the year ahead.

  MindManager Users: You are free to edit, remove or add to the calendar map as required eg. adding your own diary events to plan & keep track of your year in general, or specific projects and milestones. Once your year is over your map becomes your instantly accessible archive file for what happened when. Your ‘business year’ doesn’t start on January 1st? Mix and match main branches from different years to create your own bespoke annual calendar map.

Our Base Annual Calendar maps provide the base visual knowledge framework for all ‘calendar’ knowledge maps for a specific year in the Gregorian (‘Western’) calendar.

The framework consists of knowledge seed branches for each of the 12 months of the specific year (eg. ‘January 2019’), each with sub-branches for each specific day of the month, labelled with the date & day of the week (eg. ‘1 Jan 2019 Tue’) , arranged in a vertically branching (‘org-tree’) layout.

All the seed  branches have a rich range of visual knowledge elements embedded within, or attached to, them – such as unique icon graphic,  ‘traditional’ monthly calendar grid (spreadsheet) for handy reference, multiple hyperlinks to official / definitive / plain old useful online knowledge resources about the day or month (eg. the Wikipedia chronicle portal page for ‘1 Jan 2019‘), and a range of time-related marker tags that enable the map to be filtered to show only branches with those values. Together they provide a rich ‘base level’ of contextual knowledge & knowledge resource links about every day and month of a specific year (see the ‘Seed Branches’ tab for a detailed description).


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